Lifting the Barriers on Disability

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Suggested Questions for Universities


1. What specific documentation do I need provide your school for my disability?
2. Can we discuss possible resources that your school can provide me before I apply?
3. Can I visit your campus for free, and possibly stay overnight?
4. How accessible is the layout of your school?
5. How thorough is the snow removal during the winter months?
6. What is some of the layouts of your wheelchair modified residences?
7. Do you purchase equipment for me to use in residency or on campus (i.e. commodes, hospital beds, shower chairs, hoyer lifts)?
8. Do you provide me an extra room if I need to have personal care workers?
9. Does your school have attendant care?
10. Do you switch classrooms for classes that are not accessible?
11. Does your school have any program in place that notifies me of broken elevators or door openers?
12. How many accessible bathrooms are there on your campus, and where?
13. Do we have to notify my professor of my disability (i.e. especially if it is not visible)?
14. Can I live on campus before school starts to become familiar with the campus and the surroundings?
15. Are there procedures put in place in case of fire or other life threatening emergencies?
16. How close is your school to the nearest hospital?
17. What type of things does your school permit to buy under bursaries for students with disabilities?