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Laurentian University

Often referred to as the academic resort of Ontario, Laurentian University is nestled into a pristine 765-acre peninsula in Sudbury– less than four hours north of Toronto. Laurentian also has a rapidly expanding campus located in Barrie, Ontario. Laurentian currently offers over 175 undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs in diverse fields in both official languages. (source)

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services provides support to students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Disabilities can include but are not limited to: concussion, physical impairment, depression, recent surgical procedure or learning disability, ADHD. (source)

Academic Resources

Academic resources include:

  • Assistive technology & training as well as alternate format scanning for those with print disabilities
  • Learning strategies:
    • Our department helps students with disabilities such as, ADHD, Learning Disability, Acquired Brain Injury, Chronic or systemic illness, low vision, hearing impaired, both temporary and permanent.
    • We have two full time learning and one part time learning strategist as well as a full time assistive technologist who trains students on the adaptive software.
  • Time-management and study skills
  • Note-taking strategies. We facilitate in assisting the students find note takers and tutors. For those who are deaf or hard of hearing we hire electronic note takers.
  • Classroom accommodations can include: digital recording of lectures (must be approved by professor), access to overheads/slides shown in class, preferential seating, laptop use in class, FM system, alternate format for learning resources, may miss classes due to medical / disability.
  • A testing centre for students who require test/exam accommodations.
    • Exam accommodations can include: extra time, scribe, quiet/noise reduced area, rewording, word processor, CCTV, special seating, special lighting, washroom breaks, stretch breaks, and use of technology such as Antidote, Dragon, Inspiration, Kurzweil, Text Help, and Zoom Text.
  • Alternative learning materials
  • Extra time on tests and exams
  • Financial support and bursaries
  • We have a counselling and support office - there are two counsellors who work there. They also have a psychiatrist come in once a month.

All resources provided are specific to the individual student. Eligibility for these resources will be determined through documentation of needs and discussion with accessibility services.

Non-Academic Resources

Accessible Campus Transportation

If students with mobility issues need to get around campus they can call our security shuttle. We have an accessible van for this. Our security department will also help with the pick-up and drop off of students with physical limitations so they can get around the campus easier.

Residency Accommodations

Services we would offer to students with a disability in residence, we would offer basically anything they need to help them be successful here at Laurentian. We work closely with Accessibility so together we make the students comfortable and happy in their environment. The form is available online once they receive an offer to residence. They then have to get it filled out and return to us.

All resources provided are specific to the individual student. Eligibility for these resources will be determined through documentation of needs and discussion with accessibility services.

What Type of Documentation is Needed?

When students come to register they must bring in valid medical, psychological and / or a psycho-educational assessment. We base the accommodations on the recommendations of the practitioner. Some students come in with a complete psycho-educational assessment; with this documentation the accommodation recommendations are clear. Students coming to Laurentian who have an IEP or an IPRC will be accommodated however; an updated assessment is needed. We have other forms that we will give out if a student doesn't already have their own note from their doctor / psychologist or other medical professional. The documentation should tell us what the functional limitations the student faces are. For a copy of Laurentian's disability form click here.

How to Apply

To register, you must book an appointment with Accessibility Services. Please contact us either by phone, email or TTY to make an appointment.

Sudbury Campus:

Accessibility Services

Main office Tel: 675-1151 ext. 3324 Fax: 705-675-4807

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TTY: 671-6617

Additional Information

Transitioning from High-School to University Life?

Get a head start on your new academic career and life on campus with the Laurentian Initiative for Transition (LIFT).  

For students with learning disabilities transitioning from high school or college to university, we offer the LIFT program. This FREE program takes place on campus the week before classes begin. You learn study skills, experience mock lectures by professors, adjust to campus life, receive training on assistive technology and you get to move in a week early!