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Lambton College

When choosing a post-secondary educational institution we know that you are faced with a number of options; making the decision to go to just one school can be incredibly difficult. At Lambton, we would like to make your choice a little easier. (source)


Accessibility Centre 

Lambton College is sensitive to the individual needs of students who enrol at this academic institution. Lambton College is proud to employ staff whose primary role is to ensure that the unique needs of students with disabilities are addressed. (source)


Academic Resources

Testing/Exam Accommodation

Accommodations are based on individual need and may be similar or different from other students with the same type of disability.

Testing with accommodation

The AC has the responsibility for implementing the agreed upon accommodation. The professor sets the requirements of the test/exam. The same standards are applied in the AC as are in the classroom.

Testing Rooms/Stations

Testing rooms/stations are assigned in accordance with the requirements of the documentation of the student's disability.

As space within the AC's testing area is limited, on occasion testing may be scheduled in another location.

Comments on accommodations:

Extended time

  • Extended time does not mean unlimited time. Rule of thumb is time and a half.
  • Extended time is calculated based on the allotted time for the test in the classroom.


  • Please note that a human reader reads test materials verbatim, and he/she does not interpret the test.
  • Lambton College prefers to use the computer software Kurzweil for reading tests.


  • A scribe writes word for word with no editing and may ask the student for the correct spelling of a word.

Learning Strategies

Our Learning Strategist is available to assist with

For an appointment please contact the Accessibilty Centre
Mary Ellen Gibbons, Learnig Strategist Assistive Devices Technologist
519-542-7751 Ext. 3566
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What Type of Documentation is Needed?

All documentation with the exception of assessments for specific learning disabilities needs to be dated within a year. Psycho-educational assessments for specific learning disabilities need to be dated within the last 4 years with the exception of assessments completed after the age of 18.


a letter containing diagnosis and symptoms signed by a psychiatrist, registered psychologist or registered psych-associate.

Blind and Low-Vision

an ophthalmologist report.

Deaf. Deafened and Hard of Hearing

an audiologist report and/or letter from resource teacher of deaf and hard of hearing.

Learning Disabilities

a psycho-educational assessment completed within the last 4 years or after the age of eighteen. This assessment needs to include a clear diagnostic statement and a signature of a registered psychologist or registered psych associate.

Medical Disabilities

a letter from the attending physician preferably medical specialist and/or health care professional (e.g. physiotherapist, occupational therapist) stating diagnosis and effects of the condition. Depending on the condition the student may be required to update this information each academic year.

Mental Health Disabilities

a letter from the attending psychiatrist or psychologist that includes a diagnostic statement. Also acceptable, is a letter from current CMH worker.

Mild Acquired Brain Injury

a neuropsychological report.

Mobility Impairment

letter from the attending physician or medical professional such as Physiotherapist, occupational therapist.

Additional Information

Health Certificate/Confirmation of Disability

Test Taking Procedures

Other Information to be Aware Of – This link Includes:

  • Assessment information
  • Attendant Care
  • Exams with Licensing Bodies
  • Learning Strategies/Assistive Devices Technology
  • OSAP Eligible Students
  • Parking
  • Reduced Tuition Fee Policy
  • Tutoring

Learning Strategies and Assistive Devices Page

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