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Cambrian College

Established in 1967, Cambrian College is a publicly-funded, postsecondary institution serving education needs in Northern Ontario and beyond. We are one of 24 colleges in Ontario, with campuses in Sudbury, Espanola and Little Current. Everything that Cambrian College does – all the services we provide, all the programs we deliver, all the activities that we offer – is done with our students and their success in mind. (source

Disability Services

Disability services are provided through the Glenn Crombie Centre for Student Support located at the main Barrydowne Campus. The Glenn Crombie Centre is a multi-service complex that promotes accessibility and success for students within the Cambrian community. This state-of-the-art facility is entirely accessible including phones (TTY), personal care rooms, computer lab, testing rooms, and accessible washrooms. Over 12,000 sq.ft, the Centre boasts a fully equipped PC/Mac computer lab with assistive technology for student use and training. (source)


Academic Resources

All students without exception must meet the academic standards of their programs. In an academic setting, accommodations generally are alterations made in the manner in which students gain access to course materials or presented information and how they demonstrate their acquired knowledge.

Accommodations are primarily utilized to enable students with disabilities to minimize the impact of their disability and to allow them to engage fully and equitably in all program activities, including test taking.

Common classroom accommodations may include:

  • extended time for test completion
  • access to assistive technology - distraction reduced testing environment
  • recording of lectures
  • access to lecture notes or presentation information

Common test accommodations may include:

  • Extra time (usually time and one half)
  • Alternate location
  • Enlargement of print
  • Oral testing (reader/scribe)
  • Computer access
  • Assistive technology
  • Use of calculators
  • Space to move around
  • Distraction reduced environment
  • Ergonomic tables/chairs

Each accommodation is directly related to the person's specific documented disability and its demonstrated impact on his/her ability to learn. As such, the supports are selected to suit the individual needs of the student with a disability.

Some students with disabilities require the same accommodations for all courses or tests. Other students may need a range of accommodations for various lecture, lab, discussion, and fieldwork activities. Flexibility and effective communication between students, Disability Advisors, and instructors are keys to implementing successful accommodations.

To access classroom or testing accommodations, students must meet with a Disability Advisor to review options available and provide a memo from the Glenn Crombie Centre for Student Support to each individual instructor providing instruction for individual accommodations.

Non-Academic Resources

Personal Care Rooms with wall mounted lifts and accessible toileting and shower facilities;

Additional Information

Head Start on College is designed to introduce you to the services and staff available to support you with your studies while at Cambrian College.

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