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Wheel-Trans provides door-to-door accessible transit service [paratransit] for persons with physical disabilities using accessible buses, contracted accessible and sedan taxis. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

The TTC has established eligibility guidelines for service, based upon an individual's level of physical functional mobility in the home, within the area immediately surrounding the home, and in the community at large as well as the permanency of the disability. Eligibility is not based on particular disabilities.

Where do I apply?

All Wheel-Trans applicants, regardless of mobility status, are required to attend an in-person interview in order to determine eligibility. You are not required to complete an application form nor obtain a letter from your doctor prior to this interview. For more information on the application process please visit this page.

How far in advance should I book my ride?

The majority of customer trips are booked up to 7 days in advance. Customers can request can request that a ride be scheduled on the same day of service. These requests must be made at least 4 hours in advance of when you require your ride.

Does my attendant have to pay?

You may travel with one Support Person or Companion or all your dependent children for trips scheduled from Monday to Friday. You must let us know how many people you are traveling with at the time of your booking. On weekends you may travel with as many companions as we have space for at the time of your booking. Please remember that all additional people travelling with you must pay the appropriate fare.

However, a support person accompanying a person with a disability will not be required to pay a fare when travelling on the TTC. Customers with disabilities who travel with a support person on the TTC must apply for a TTC Support Person Assistance Card to be eligible for this fare exemption. A support person is someone who assists the card holder with communication, mobility, personal care/medical needs or with access to goods, services or facilities. For more information about this program please visit this page.

Additional information

For additional information and contact numbers please visit this website.