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Paratransit Service

Paratransit Service is available only to Thorold residents whose physical disability prevents them from using regular bus services available in Thorold. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

Paratransit is a service for persons who have physical disabilities that result in their inability to use regular bus service. This refers to persons who are physically unable to:

Board a regular bus, which involves climbing or descending three steps or,

Walk a distance of 175 metres.

Persons with mental or cognitive disabilities, or the elderly or blind, may be eligible for Paratransit, provided they have physical disabilities that prevent them from boarding a regular bus or walking a distance of 175 metres.

Where do I apply?

Fill out this form and return it to

Paratransit Services

C/O Clerks Department

City of Thorold

P.O. Box 1044

3540 Schmon Parkway

Thorold, Ontario

L2V 4A7

Additonal information

For additional information and contact numbers please visit this website.