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Suggested Questions for Paratransit Providers


1. Does your program provide door to door service?
2. How often in advance do I need to book my ride?
3. How often in advance do I need to register with your program?
4. Can I use your program temporarily if I am visiting the city/town?
5. If I have an attendant/companion with me, do they need to pay?
6. Do you allow helper dogs?
7. How long before my ride do I need to be ready for?
8. How long should I wait before calling if my ride is late?
9. How long will the driver wait for me before they leave?
10. What if I did not know the driver was there, will they come back and still pick me up?
11. What if I want to go home or leave earlier than expected?
12. What if there is an emergency medical appointment?
13. What if the times of my appointment have been changed in the last minute?
14. What if I live slightly out of town?
15. What if my appointment is slightly out of town?
16. What if I need help getting in and out of buildings, will the driver help me?
17. What if I need a regular right to and from work/school?
18. Does the city bus pass work with your program?
19. How much does each fare cost?
20. If I am traveling with several individuals that have a disability, does that need to be mentioned when booking the appointment?