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The Handi-Van is a special transit service [paratransit] for people that cannot take the regular buses due to mobility impairments. The Handi-Vans are fully wheelchair accessible. The service is provided door to door on an appointment basis. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

Intended for persons who are physically unable to:

Climb or descend steps used on conventi onal Public Transportation facilities,


Walk a distance of 175 metres (575 feet).

Where do I apply?

Fill out this form and return it to:

Handi-Van Transit

190 Simcoe Street

Peterborough, Ontario

K9H 2H7.

How far in advance should I book my ride?

Trips may be booked up to one week in advance. Passengers should be prepared to be flexible and plan alternative dates/times in the event that a prior booking has occurred. Same day requests may be accommodated if space is available. Trips booked on the same time and destination each week are treated as reserved. All other trips are booked on a "first-come, first serve" basis.

Does my attendant have to pay?

Persons who assist passengers may ride upon payment of the regular fare, and should be booked at the same time as the passenger. If a passenger requires a support person, you can apply for a support person pass here. that will allow your support person to ride for free. Remember to book a space for your support person and that there is only one support person permitted per passenger.

Additional information

For additional information and contact numbers please visit this website.