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Greater Sudbury


The goal of Handi-Transit is to provide transportation to persons who have physical disabilities [paratransit] and are unable to use the regular transit system. This service is funded by the City of Greater Sudbury and user fees. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for Handi-Transit service is determined by the information provided on the application form and, in some cases, the recommendation of an independent Eligibility Assessment Advisor..

Where do I apply?

For an online form please click here and for a printable version please click here and then submit it to

Greater Sudbury Transit

Attention: Handi-Transit Services

Tom Davies Square

200 Brady Street

PO Box 5000, Stn. A

Sudbury, ON P3A 5P3.

How far in advance should I book my ride?

Please try to book all trips at least two working days in advance. You may book a maximum of three trips each time you call.

Does my attendant have to pay?

If you plan to travel with a support person or a companion, you must reserve an extra space on Handi-Transit at time of booking.

One support person is permitted to travel with you free of charge on Handi-Transit. A support person is a person specifically employed or designated by you to assist with your daily living needs, including travel.


One companion is permitted to travel with you upon payment of a Handi-Transit fare, if space permits. A companion may be a family member or a friend who is travelling with you but is not required for your assistance while on board Handi-Transit.

Additional information

For additional information and contact numbers please visit this website.