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Handi-Transit is a parallel service for physically challenged persons and operates the same hours as Conventional service [paratransit]. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

Handi - Transit service is not for those who find it more difficult or who are reluctant or unwilling to use an accessible public transportation system or;

Handi-Transit is not an attendant care service and not an emergency transportation service or;

Eligibility is not based on a particular disability and persons are approved on a case by case basis or;

Eligibility is not based on age or income and not meant to replace a person's private automobile or;

Eligibility is not based on the unavail ability of accessible conventional transit in the area in which the person resides.

Where do I apply?

Fill out this form and return it to

Handi Transit Eligibility,

863 Second St. W.,

Cornwall, Ontario,

K6J 1H5,


or Fax:613-932-9906


How far in advance should I book my ride?

Bookings may be made up to two (2) weeks in advance and must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Does my attendant have to pay?

If you are a Handi-Transit registered user, Attendant Cards allow your companion to ride free when travelling on the regular conventional buses, including the Community Service (not on Handi-Transit). The Handi-Transit registrant may also travel on a conventional bus without the companion. For a nominal one-time fee you can get a Attendant/Companion card. This card is only available at Cornwall Transit and requires a photo to be taken of the Handi-Transit registrant. This self-serve approach is designed to allow passengers with disabilities to be self-reliant and able to use the regular conventional service at their convenience. In order to obtain the card please fill out this form and return it to


863 Second St. West

Cornwall ON K6H 5T9

Fax: 613-932-9906

Additional information

For additional information and contact numbers please visit this website.