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Severe Permanent Disability Benefit

The Severe Permanent Disability Benefit is a loan forgiveness program that was created by The Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, as a way to aid those with a severe permanent disability that prevents them from participating in the labour force or postsecondary studies.


Who can get this Aid?

To be eligible to apply for a Severe Permanent Disability Benefit you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You have a severe permanent disability;
  2. You have entered into a consolidated loan agreement;
  3. and You reside in Canada.

What is a severe permanent disability?

A severe permanent disability is a disability that prevents an individual from performing the daily activities necessary to participate in studies at a postsecondary school level and in the labour force; and the disability is expected to remain with the person for the duration of their life.

How to Apply

Contact the National Student Loan Service Centre and ask to have your call forwarded to the Canada Student Loans Program. The Canada Student Loans Program administers the Severe Permanent Disability Benefit on Ontario’s behalf

When to Apply

When your student loans are in repayment

For more information please click on the following link.