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Repayment Assistance program for Borrowers with a Permanent Disability

The Repayment Assistance Plan for Borrowers with a Permanent Disability (RAP-PD) is available to borrowers with permanent disabilities having difficulty paying back their student loans. RAP-PD makes it easier for you to manage your student loan debt by reducing your monthly payment. (source)

Under the Repayment Assistance Plan for Borrowers with a Permanent Disability:

  • Your monthly student loan payments would either be reduced or you would not have to make any payments, depending on your financial situation and permanent disability-related expenses, which include allowable uninsured medical expenses, special care and other expenses directly related to your permanent disability.
  • Enrolment would not be automatic and you would have to re-apply for this plan every six months.


Eligibility Requirements

You qualify for RAP-PD if:

you have a permanent disability that has been assessed and recognized by the Canada Student Loans Program; and

you are eligible for the Repayment Assistance Plan.

How do I apply?

To apply:

complete an online application through your NSLSC Online Services account (you can register for an online account first if you do not have one already); or

download a RAP application and mail it to the NSLSC.

If you would like your disability-related expenses or exceptional expenses to be considered, you can complete and submit a RAP-PD Expense Form with your application.

Additional Information

For additonal information and contact numbers, please visit this website.