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Three to Be

THREE TO BE understands that in order to reach their full potential and future success, children with neurological disorders* need the strongest possible support system and advocates in their corner. This begins with their parents and families. Our goal is to ensure that parents thrive, not just survive each obstacle and challenge they face on behalf of their children. Parent Advocacy Link (PAL) is designed with all of this in mind.

From the moment that they receive their child's diagnosis, parents and families experience a range of emotions – from fear and desperation to hope and deep love. Through PAL Assist, THREE TO BE has two funding initiatives that allow parents to apply for support. The programs include: Fee Subsidy Program and Respite Program (parent and family respite)– designed to respond directly to the here and now needs of our families, as well as enhance the degree to which they are nurtured and supported within our community. (source)


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