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Ontario Trillium Benefit

The Ontario Trillium Benefit helps people pay for energy costs, and provides relief for sales and property tax. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

You need to be eligible for at least one of the Ontario Sales Tax Credit, Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, or Northern Ontario Energy Credit to receive the Ontario Trillium Benefit.

How Do I Apply?

You need to file your personal income tax and benefit return (return), even if you don't have any income to report:

Include a completed ON-BEN Application for the Ontario Trillium Benefit and the Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant, which is part of your return
Based on the information provided when you file your tax return, the Canada Revenue Agency will determine your eligibility and tell you if you are entitled to receive the credit.

The Canada Revenue Agency issues the Ontario Trillium Benefit payments on behalf of the province.

You must apply for the Ontario Trillium Benefit every year, as your eligibility can change from year to year because of changes in income, age, where you live and your family status.

Additional Information

For additional information and contact numbers, please visit this website