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Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

The MS Society offers Ontarians living with MS a wide variety of programs and services that promote personal independence and contribute to an enhanced quality of life. The Equipment Program and Special Assistance Program are designed to provide financial assistance to those requiring support with the purchase of mobility equipment, safety devices or needing services not provided by other government/community agencies. (source)


Funding Criteria

A written confirmation of diagnosis of MS from a medical doctor

Residence within the regional/chapter catchment area

Health care professional assessment of need

Completed application form

Funding availability

Special Assistance Program

The SAP program offers funding assistance, in part or whole for services not provided through government/community agencies which may include:


Personal Support Work

Child Care

Respite Care


Yard and Snow Maintenance

Equipment Program

The equipment program offers financial assistance with the purchase, repair and/or permanent loan of mobility equipment or safety devices for the home that may include:

Wheelchairs and wheelchair supplies (both power and manual)

Wheeled Walkers


Hospital Beds

Lifts (i.e. stair glides, ceiling tracks, portable)

Vehicle Modification

Incontinence Supplies

Air Conditioners

Bathroom Modification Equipment

Other Assistive Devices

Additional Programs

Our equipment loan program offers high quality pieces of equipment that have been donated or previously purchased by the MS Society. These items are offered as a permanent loan until they are no longer required by the individual.

How do I apply?

Fill out this form and return it by mail, email or fax to:

Mail: Ontario and Nunavut Division

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

500-250 Dundas Street West,

Toronto, Ontario

M5T 2Z5

Fax: (416) 916-3124

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Information

For additional information and contact numbers please visit this website.