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Waterloo & Area

Affordable Community Housing gives individuals and families with low- to moderate-income households the opportunity to rent a housing unit at a lower cost.

The Region of Waterloo owns and operates more than 2,700 affordable rental units [subsidized housing] in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Woolwich, Wellesley and Wilmot townships. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

To qualify, you must have:

At least one household member who is 16 years of age, or older, and able to live on their own. Being able to live on their own means that they can do normal activities like cook a meal, dress and bath themselves. They can also take medication, shop for basic needs, and use public or private transportation without help.

Canadian citizenship, or have made a claim for permanent resident or refugee claimant status, under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada). This applies to ALL members of your household.

No removal order under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) against any household member.

No money owed for rent or damages to any federally, provincially, or municipally funded housing provider. If any member of your household does owe money for this, you must have an approved repayment agreement in place with the housing provider, or an established repayment schedule with CHAC.

No convictions on any members of your household for 1) offences involved with rent-geared-to-income assistance, or 2) misrepresenting their income to get rent geared-to-income assistance. These would be convictions proved by the Landlord and Tenant Board or a court of law.

No home suitable for year-round living, which you own whether in Canada or another country. If you do own one, you must agree to sell it within six months of moving into Community Housing.

Your gross annual household income can not exceed the Household Income Limits set under the Housing Services Act (2011).

How do I apply?

For a copy of the application form, choose one of the following options:

Print an Application for Community Housing

Go to any of our Access Sites to pick up an application form

Call 519-575-4833 to have an application form mailed to you

Is there Special Needs housing?

Yes, in order to obtain an accessible unit, you must:

Use the standard Community Housing Application,

Include as much information as possible in Section 6 of the Application, and

Have your doctor fill out our medical form, showing your need for an accessible unit.

How long is the wait list?

There are many people in Waterloo Region who need affordable rental housing. And, there are more applications for Community Housing than there are units available. Therefore, there is a waiting list. We have one waiting list for Community Housing. More than 50 Community Housing providers (landlords) go to the waiting list for applicants when they fill a vacant unit. You need to complete only one Application to get on the list. Then the providers who use the list can consider you for any of the six different types of Community Housing. Some other housing providers in Waterloo Region do not use the waiting list. You have to contact them on your own if you want to apply for their units.

Additional Information

For additonal information and contact numbers, please visit this website.