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District of Timiskaming Social Services Administration Board (DTSSAB). The DTSSAB Social Housing Program is responsible for the Management of the Public Housing [subsidized housing] Portfolio, the Administration of the Social Housing Programs within the District, provision of public information on Social Housing Programs, and the Administration of the Central Waiting List. The district's housing program includes the towns/townships of: Timiskaming Shores, Kirkland Lake, Haileybury, Cobalt, Earlton, Elk Lake, Englehart, Lander Lake, and New Liskeard. There are also a number of housing options meant for the Native community. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

Basic Eligibility Requirements of RGI Housing:

At least one member of the household must be 16 years old or older and must be able to live independently.

Each member of the household must be a Canadian Citizen, or a landed immigrant, or a refugee claimant.

No deportation, departure or exclusion order has been made against any member of the household.

Eligibility for housing may be delayed if any member of the household owes money to a Rent-Geared-to-Income housing provider, either rent arrears or as a result of damage that they caused.

Eligibility for housing may be denied if any member of the household has been convicted in the previous 24 months of an offence under Section 85 of the Social Housing Reform Act 2000, or a crime under the Criminal Code (Canada) regarding the receipt of rent-geared-to-income assistance, or found by the Landlord and Tenant Board or a court of law to have misrepresented their income for the purpose of obtaining rent-geared-to-income.

How do I apply?

Fill out this form, and return it to either of the offices listed on this page, or the office of the housing providers.

Is there Special Needs housing?

Housing accommodation that is suitable for a wheelchair user is available at the following buildings;

One 1-bedroom apartment at 480 Broadway Street in Haileybury

Two 1-bedroom apartments at 25A Tweedsmuir Avenue in Kirkland Lake

Three 2-bedroom apartments located at Pollock Avenue in Kirkland Lake

Please Indicate on your application whether your require a wheelchair accessible unit or if any other modifications are required for you to live independently.

Supportive housing helps people live in their own apartments, with assistance. Various agencies in our District offer these services so you receive help with everyday things like preparing meals, bathing, dressing and medication. Any supportive needs will be discussed at the time an offer is made

How long is the wait list?

The waiting list is lengthy and offers of accommodation are made only when a vacancy occurs. Depending on the demand in a particular area, the wait may be several years. We encourage households to apply as soon as possible and to as many Providers and locations that they really want to live-in. We caution that limited selection of location will increase your wait.

Additional Information

For additonal information and contact numbers, please visit this website.