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Suggested Questions for Subsidized Housing Providers


1. Do you have accessible units?
2. Generally how many accessible units do you have in each location?
3. Can I see a floorplan?
4. What do you consider accessible?
5. Can I ask for any further modifications to be added?
6. How many bedrooms are in these modified units?
7. Do you have a separate application for modified units?
8. How long is the waitlist for modified units?
9. What type of community is located near these housing units?
10. How close are the units to a hospital or a rehab centre?
11. How close are the units to a shopping mall or grocery store?
12. How close are these units to an elementary/secondary school or university/college?
13. How close are these units to areas of worship?
14. How long are the waitlists for a modified unit?
15. Does the waitlist depend on the number of bedrooms asked?
16. Does having a disability give me a special priority?
17. Does my unit go to full market rent if I were to get a job?
18. Does my unit go to full market rent if my partner were to move in with me?
19. Can I have guests stay at my unit and if so, for how long before I have to claim them as a resident?
20. Can I have a helper dog?