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Hamilton & Area

CityHousing Hamilton provides housing to families, seniors, couples, single people and people with special needs in a variety of housing forms including townhouses, apartments, single and semi-detached dwellings. Most of the housing is available on a rent-geared-to-income basis [subsidized housing], however some projects offer market rent units as well. As well as all parts of Hamilton, this program provides housing to Glanbrook, Ancaster, Dundas, and Stoney Creek. 

CityHousing Hamilton is more than just bricks and mortar. In partnership with community agencies, a variety of support programs are offered for our tenants and the broader community. (source)


Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Criteria is as follows:

All members of the household must be:

A Canadian Citizen, or

A landed immigrant (permanent resident), or an applicant for permanent resident status, or

A refugee, or a refugee claimant.

You must attach proof of status for each member of your household to your application

At least one person in your household must be 16 years of age or older and able to live independently. You must attach proof of age.

If you or any member of your household has arrears owing to any social housing provider within Ontario, Access to Housing will require confirmation that the member has entered into an agreement with the housing provider for the repayment of the arrears before we can process your application.

Your application will be rejected if any member of the household has been convicted in court or at the Ontario Rent Tribunal within the last 2 years of an offence related to rent-geared-to-housing under section 85 of the SHRA or a crime under the Criminal Code in relation to rent-geared-to-income assistance.

If anyone in your household has a financial interest in another home anywhere in the world, you must agree, in writing, to divest yourself of the property within one-year of getting housed. You do not have to make this decision when you first apply but you will have to make it before you get housed.

How do I apply?

Fill out this form, and return it to

499 King Street East,

Hamilton, Ontario L8N 1E1

Telephone: 905-524-2228

Fax: 905-524-1199

How long is the wait list?

click on this documents to find the different wait times for the different hoousing providers.

Is there Special Needs housing?

Based on the application, there are modified units for those with a disability.

Additonal Information

For additonal information and contact numbers, please visit this website.