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Suggested Questions for Attendant Care/Respite Care Providers


1. How many hours do I receive?
2. Can I receive more hours if my condition deteriorates?
3. Will I receive less hours if my condition improves?
4. Can I receive attendant care for a temporary disability?
5. Is this program paid for by the government or insurance?
6. If it is government funded, would I get more hours if I have private insurance?
7. If I were to receive more hours than allotted, would I need to pay out of my own pocket? If so, how much is the rate?
8. Does the amount of hours depend on if I live alone or with a family member?
9. Can I or my guardian choose my care worker?
10. Can I dismiss a care worker that I or my guardian dislike?
11. Can my care worker go with me to work or school?
12. Can my care worker take me to places in the community?
13. Is my care worker allowed to do household chores?
14. Can I take my care worker on vacation?
15. Can a worker be a paid family member?
16. Can the care worker be a paid family friend?
17. Can my care worker drive me around in a car?
18. If my care worker cancels, what back up plans are available?

Suggested Questions for Respite Care Providers

19. How many hours of respite care does my child receive in a year?
20. Does the severity of my child's determine the number of hours of respite care?
21. At what age does my child get cut off from respite care?
22. If it is out of home respite care, can I choose the facility?
23. If it is in home respite care, can I leave the house with my child's care worker?
24. Can the respite care worker be a family member?
25. Can the respite care worker be a family friend?
26. Can I choose the respite care worker for my child?