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Special Services at Home

The Special Services at Home program helps families who are caring for a child with a developmental or physical disability. It is funded and managed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

The program helps families pay for special services [respite care] in or outside the family home as long as the child is not receiving support from a residential program. For example, the family can hire someone to:

help the child learn new skills and abilities, such as improving their communications skills and becoming more independent

provide respite support to the family - families can get money to pay for services that will give them a break (or "respite") from the day-to-day care of their child

The amount of money a family receives depends on:

the type and amount of service the child needs

what other help is available in the community

what kind of support the family is already receiving.  (source)


Eligibility Requirements

Children with a developmental or physical disability (or their families) can apply for this money if they:

live in Ontario

need more support than most families can provide

are living at home with their family, or

if they are not living at home with their family and are not being helped by other residential services

How do I apply?

Fill out this form and attach a medical statement or psychological assessment to your application. It should describe the disability and explain why you need the services and how much it will cost. Mail the completed application form and the medical assessment to your nearest regional office.