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Canadian Red Cross

A wide range of community support services are offered by the Red Cross throughout Canada to provide daily supports to older adults, vulnerable people, and their caregivers. We support our clients as they strive to maintain their quality of life and independence, and when possible support their active participation in society.

Some of the services, among others, included are assisted living in supportive housing and attendant outreach [attendant care].

Our Assisted Living services are a cost effective alternative for people with complex needs who, with the right level of support, can remain living in their own homes. These supports are important to seniors and people with disabilities to enable them to live independently, as well as reduce the need for facility care and emergency services. Our supportive care solutions can be designed to support clients who live at home, in a congregate setting, in the community where care is clustered, or in a support housing complex. (source)

These services range depending on the location, therefore you have to type in your intended city or town into this link and select the services you wish to inquire about (i.e. assisted living) which are located at the top of the page.